Originally set up as iENGAGE (by myself and fellow trustees), the work of the organization is now housed under the MEND (Muslim engagement and development) banner.

MEND has a dual specialism in Muslim advocacy work and community empowerment strategies. On the advocacy front, the organization is involved in media engagement, lobbying, and policy research. On the community empowerment front, MEND regularly works with grass roots Muslims to help them tackle Islamophobia locally and to increase their media and political literacy.

During Ramadan 2005, I started writing a textbook on Islamic Finance which was then continued by a professional writer and is today published by 1st Ethical Charitable Trust of which I am a founding Trustee. The Textbook numbers over 700 pages and is entitled ‘Islamic Finance – what it is and what it could be’. It is the core reading text for numerous Islamic Finance courses including university modules on the subject.

The work of MEND (formerly iENGAGE) has transformed the lives of British Muslims in so many ways, including:

  • Evidence to the Leveson Enquiry on Press ethics whereby all our recommendations became law in the Royal Charter, October 2013
  • Ensuring around half of Police Constabularies have now agreed to record Islamophobia as a separate category of crime with around a quarter already started recording.
  • Countless media corrections and apologies on factually incorrect stories
  • Developed the UK’s first ever media and political engagement masterclasses, workshops and seminars.
  • Developed community empowerment aids such as Media monitoring checklist and an Islamophobia exhibition.
  • Created a powerful grass roots network of working groups and volunteers nationally to deliver MEND’s vision locally.
  • Nominated Muslim representative on CPS Panel on case scrutiny

You can visit MEND’s website by clicking here